Having enjoyed working on a space project, we are looking for similar challenges. However, independently launching a space project at university level is too complex and expensive. A cheaper and simpler alternative to a space project is a deep sea project. The tremendous challenges encountered in space engineering are of comparable magnitude but quite the opposite of those of the deep sea: extreme (rather than lack of) pressure, no (instead of abundance of) light, and both have corrosive environments and limited options for communication. However, an important difference is that with space missions it is not expected to find any life, whereas with deep sea missions that is usually the opposite! It is even suspected that the origin of life on Earth was at ‘geothermal vents’, volcanic entities in the deepest of our oceans. There is still a lot left unseen in the deep sea. We think this is an interesting challenge that requires us to work in a multidisciplinary team to make the deep sea more accessible.