MacArtney supports the project by offering testing facilities, expertise and a special offer on their market leading products

Deltares has a vast network of experts which the team can reach out to at any time. Their ‘Delta Flume’ is a unique facility used to simulate wave action on large scale, which the team can use to test the LOBSTER Explorer’s prototypes.

The Alfred Wegener Institute has their own AUV and develop custom scientific payloads for their expeditions with this AUV. They share with us their experience with the AUV, the experience from development of these payloads as well as their testing facilities. 

Public swimming pool Kerkpolder offers us a location to test near our development lab.

The Robotics Institute of Delft provides us with funds for several aspects of the project, as well as access to their vast network of robotics experts.

RoboValley provides the office we work in and several other facilities.

De Leidinggroothandel sponsors the hull of the LOBSTER Explorer.